Ecoposada del Estero

The Ecolodge in the Iberá Marsh
and the Private Nature Reserve Cambá Trapo

1. Rates

General terms and conditions:
• All amounts are expressed in Argentine Pesos. The rate is equal to the total amount (i.e. includes VAT). The amount should be paid in cash o via bank transfer (we do not have credit or debit card services available). A “C” invoice will be issued. Once the reservation has been paid, it remains valid until the services have been made use of.
• Special discounts (for Club La Nación, ACA, Aves Argentinas, etc) are applied to the daily rates and cannot be used towards promotional packages of 3 or more nights. Public holidays are charged at the daily rate – promotional packages are not available for these days.
• Rates are expressed in pesos per person and include: lodging and complete meals (breakfast, lunch, tea-time snack, and supper), as well as excursions according to the program selected (see 2 below). Beverages and transfers to the Colonia Carlos Pellegrini are not included.
• An additional 10% is added to the rates for rooms with satélite TV and WiFi. All the rooms and the restaurant are smoke-free. One room with universal access for people with disabilities is available. Although the menu is set, we are able to make adjustments for people with special dietary needs.
• Minors should be accompanied by an adult, and children up until 3 years old do not pay. A reduced rate is charged for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years of age.
• The excursions can be adapted to the needs of the guest or according to the climate.

2. Promotional Packages

Our promotional packages are designed according to our experience of how best to take advantage of your time in the Marsh. Further down you will find information about how to make the most of your visit to the Iberá Nature Reserve. Consult prizes

3. Important Information

1. Getting there using public transport

1 – From any part of the country it is possible to take the long-distance ómnibus to the city of Mercedes, Corrientes. From Buenos Aires the companies that serve Mercedes are Flechabus, Rápido Tata o Águila Dorada. They leave Retiro at around 21:00. From Rosario the companies that serve Mercedes are Nuevo Expresso San José and they leave in the afternoon.

2- To get the Colonia Carlos Pellegrini from Mercedes (115km) the following posibilities exist (prices in Argentine pesos and are subject to change):
a) Everyday buses: Door-to-door service. They leave Mercedes at 12:00 from Monday through Friday (arriving in Carlos Pellegrina at 16:00). On Saturdays they leave at 9:00. This is a 19 seat Sprinter bus. Call Mario Azcona at Tel 03773-15-462836. The cost is $60 pesos per person. They leave Carlos Pellegrini from Monday through Thursday at 4:00. On Friday they leave at 17:00. There is no service on Sundays.
b) Itati: leaves Mercedes at 12:30 Monday through Saturday, from the ómnibus station and arrives in Carlos Pellegrini at 17:00. The cost is $50 pesos per person. The return is at 4:00 Monday through Saturday, arriving in Mercedes at 7:30. There is no service on Sundays.

c) By 4×4 truck (semi regular service). Mr Monzón offers door-to-door service in a 4×4 double-cabin truck. He leaves Mercedes Monday through Saturday at 11:00 and returns the same day at 14:00. Aproximate cost per person is $150 pesos. Tel. 03773-420184. (this is a good option)

d) Private transport. There are many alternatives that we could help you arrange. The vehicle can be waiting for you at the ómnibus station and will take you directly to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini. The cost of the trip is aproximately $800 pesos per trip (up to 4 people). The transfers that we recommend are: Mr Iglesias 03773-15-444529; Mr Boccalandro 03773-15-4731665/15628823; Yetapa Tours 03773-15-413081. If you arrive in your own car and would like to take a 4×4 for the last strech to Pellegrini, there is parking at Mohalem parking yard (Sarmiento Street 489, tel 03773-420096, two blocks from the main square).

3- Flying. A new service with LAER connects Mercedes with Buenos Aires, with a stop-over in Reconquista . Service is Monday, Wednesday and Friday leaving Buenos Aires at 8:30 and arriving in Mercedes at 10:40. Departures from Mercedes at 11:00. The cost excedes $900 pesos per person.

There are also flights with Aerolineas Argentinas between Buenos Aires and Posadas. To complete this trip it is necessary to arrange a private transfer from Posadas to Pellegrini (250 km) in a 4×4 truck with space for 4 people. This costs aproximately $1500 pesos with Mr Oscar Diáz 03754-15-405533 or 42-1900 and Mr Boccalandro 03773-15-4731665/15-628823. It is possible to fly from Posadas to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini in a private jet with place for 3 people for the price of $800 USD round trip.

2. Getting there by car
There are two ways to access Colonia Carlos Pellegrini by car. From the south this is done via Mercedes which is located 700km from Buenos Aires on the RN14 highway to Cuatro Bocas, followed by RP119 to Mercedes. From Mercedes travel 115km on RP 40 to Carlos Pellegrini. This route is under construction and very busy. The first 35km are paved, the next 35km are under contruction (drive with care due to presence of large machinery) and the last 45 km are sand road which can still be crossed under rainy conditions. The last section is considered to be panoramic and will never be paved due to the viewing of abundant fauna indemic to the marsh that can be seen along this stretch. This is part of the Nature Reserve and should be travelled in a relaxed manner and considered part of your vacation.

The northern access to Carlos Pellegrini consists of 140km from Santo Tomé along RP40, which is a sand road. This can only be travelled when it is not raining, and in a 4×4 vehicle.

We recommend that you gas up (fill your car with petrol) in Mercedes or Santo Tomás (as the case may be), since there are no gas (petrol) pumps in Pellegrini.

If coming from Buenos Aires, look for our Route Sheet on our website for tips on getting to the Ecolodge.

Important: When it rains there are parts of the road that become very muddy and can only be crossed in a 4×4 vehicle, so check with us for road information if it is raining. For those coming in a normal car, we recommend parking your car in Mercedes and taking one of the transport options mentioned above.

** There is no cell pone (mobile) signal along the route.
** There are no banks or bank machines in Colonia Carlos Pelligrini

3. What to pack
You will be visiting a natural area protected by park rangers. In Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, 90% of the population is dedicated to tourism and so you can expect to feel welcome wherever you go. More than 30,000 tourists visit the park annually – sufficient people to ensure that you will feel comfortable and trusting, but a small enough number to ensure that the area remains well protected.

Our suggestions are the basic ones. Remember to bring sunscreen and a hat, as well as insect repellent (use it even if it does not seem necessary). Binoculars and cameras are recommended for viewing the wildlife. In the marshes and the forests sometimes gumboots are useful (we have a selection of boots than can be borrowed). Bring comfortable long-sleaved clothes. Two pairs of socks are useful when it is cold, or for if your feet get wet. Remember to bring a bathing suit in order to use the pool in Summer. Only catch and release sport fising is permitted in the lake, and only using a rod. If you would like to go on night walks close to the Ecolodge, you may borrow a flashlight to do so.

4. Our Services
The Ecolodge of the Marsh in the Colonia Carlos Pellegrini at Lake Iberá is complemented by the Private Nature Reserve, Cambá Trapo. For those who enjoy the outdoors and horse-riding, we own a herd of more than 10 tame horses. Bicylces and kayaks are also available to our guests.

Each cabin has two rooms with a capacity for 4 guests. They are raised off the ground in order to facilitate a better view of the marsh which is at the edge of the property. They are rustic, but comfortable. Each room has a private bathroom, matresses and box springs, cieling fans, and electric heating. Each cabin has a private deck with a view of the Marsh. The cabins are separate from the main building. One of the rooms has been adapted for special needs. There is also a 9×4 meter swimming pool with sundeck at the edge of the marsh. A long wooden walk-way reaches into the marsh. Our panoramic look-out and hide provides for an excelent view of the marsh, Lake Iberá and the hundreds of birds that inhabit the property.

The restaurant area also has a living-room with fireplace, satélite TV, and DVD player with DVDs on cultural and nature themes. We have a library with diverse books for the use of our guests, as well as a WiFi zone for using portable computers devices. The multi-use patio is panoramic with hammocks that invite you to relax and enjoy your natural surroundings. Each corner is different, spacious, exclusive and inviting. Our menu consists of delicious home-made meals: desserts, pastas and artesan breads, sweets, and jams made with seasonal fruits. We also offer delicious grilled meats, organic vegetables from local gardens and special menus for celiacs and vegetarians. On the hottest days you can taste exquisite regional cuisine on the patio of the restaurant, while enjoying the exceptional view of the marsh, native forest, the sunrise and the sunset.

Among the activities that we offer you will find: use of horses for guided horse-rides through the marsh and the palm forest; special vehicles for touring the outdoors and going on night safaris; a day trip to Cambá Trapo with hiking, horse-rides, and a guacho barbeque; boat trips on the lake; kayas and bicycles for personal use. We are the only lodge that offers a permanent bilingual naturalist and interpreter.

5. Our commitment
Our project has three strategic foci, which we are profoundly proud of:
1. The Ecolodge: a tourist inn that offers full-service packages all year round in a sustainable and ecological way.
2. The Nature Reserve Cambá Trapo (together with the Azata Natural History Foundation) where flora and fauna are conserved. This includes pastures of native grasses for feeding our cattle (a program of Grassfed Beef with the Wildlife Foundation and Aves Argentina).
3. A Social Responsability Program promoting environmental education within the community with different activities throughout the year in Iberá and elsewhere in the country.

Reuse program. We invite you to join our solidarity campaign to reuse clothes and other items that are no longer being used. If you have clothes, books, school supplies etc., that you are no longer using and would like for them to be passed on to rural schools, your grain of sand is more than welcome. Thank you.